Projects and Events



Here are the highlights from the second quarter of 2021: 

On May 17, 2021 our nonprofit rehabilitated Punta Borinquen Beach Access Road and Parking Lot. Unfortunately, the public access had been abandoned and not maintained for over 40 years. We completely restored the main road & community parking for public access. This project included 178.80 metric tons of asphalt and cost the nonprofit $18,867.36.

On June 12 -July 31, 2021 we installed a ‘Perimeter Safeguard’. In an effort to combat erosion, protect nature, the maritime zone,  and promote ATV security, we installed a perimeter wood & rock fence to safeguard 121 newly planted  Coconut Palm trees. This included over 1,300 linear feet of protected spaces. The expense of this improvement totaled $8,589.67.

On July 24, 2021 we celebrated our RPBQN’s Eight Year Anniversary!!!In an effort to combat criminality and reclaim our public spaces, we recently  held our 8 year event at the Ruins. We repainted the Puerto Rican flag, planted 44 trees and removed 17 bags of trash. Prior to our involvement, these areas were labeled a “prostitution zone” and were laden with vandalization and criminality. Now they are safe, clean, and open to the public. 

On August 9, we commemorated the one year anniversary of the sanctioning of Resolution 709. (RC 709 is a law that was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives and Senate of Puerto Rico, giving our nonprofit the legal authority to be the sole administrators of  the 642 acre parcel.)  We continue to collaborate with our local government and representative Wilson Roman, to engage in community capacity building.