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Private donations and the community’s hard work have allowed us to make the strides we have achieved in Punta Borinquen.


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With over 15,774 work hours, our community of volunteers have overcome the abandonment from the government to transform Punta Borinquen back to its original beauty. The reach and impact of our work goes beyond numbers. Our work in the Borinquen area is not only one of recreation and protection, but a clear driver of economic activity and quality of life for our community. As businesses flourish, so has their support to our cause, the same with our network of volunteers. Tangible results gets people excited, gives them hope, and motivates them to take action. That’s the exponential impact you see in Punta Borinquen. Our nonprofit’s community model of engagement and empowerment is seldomly found. When hurricane Maria destroyed most of our work, when all the wind and rain had stopped, our members were out on the field cleaning the debris, knowing that it was up to us to bring back Punta Borinquen to what we had made it to be. To this date, without any FEMA or governmental financial assistance, and relying exclusively on volunteers’ work and private donations, we removed all the debris, trees, and restored the areas.

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Rescate strives to uphold to the highest standards of transparency, earning GuideStar’s Seal of Transparency. This distinction indicates that a nonprofit has provided verifiable financial/operational information in its Nonprofit Profile. By providing up-to-date information, nonprofits allow potential donors and funders to make educated decisions about the work they do.

This is particularly important in Puerto Rico, where donors might be at a loss of information and tend to gravitate towards larger entities that might not engage in bottoms-up, transformative empowerment that improves living conditions for those that need it the most: the community.


Community Stewardship

We are a community base stewardship dedicated to the restoration of our outdoor recreational areas and the protection of our nature. We have an organizational model of community will and empowerment that drives our success.

We cultivate and foster community empowerment to reclaim the sustainability and development of a local economy while protecting valuable ecosystems and the quality of life of a community.

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Accountability and tangible results is our bottom-line. We are driven by goals that we pursue with all of our energy and belief in what we do. Our  projects  page should provide an idea of our work. We are extremely excited about our work and are available to talk with anybody regardless if it’s a donor or not.

If interested you may contact us to answer any questions that you may have. We can also arrange a call or a personalized walking tour of Punta Borinquen, explaining the projects that have been carried out and the source of funding for each one, and the vision of our work.

To expedite any process the following documents are available for a quick download:

IRS 501(c)(3) Certification, Good Standing Certification from the Department of State, PR Treasury Dept Certification for Section 1101.01 as a Non-Profit.

ACT 20/20

Rescate Playas Borinquen, Inc. qualifies as a non-profit recipient of Acts 20 & 22 donations. 

Why your donation is crucial for us?

During the past decade, many beaches and public recreation facilities in Puerto Rico have either been closed to the public or in an inhospitable state that are not safe or open to the public.

In accordance with the Quitclaim Deed that encumbers the property, it is Our mission is to keep Punta Borinquen’s natural and recreational areas open to the public. We want to build areas where our hermanos puertorriqueños and welcome guests from all over the world can gather and relax in harmony with nature.

Puerto Rico’s natural resources are not susceptible to private ownership. Everyone has a right to enjoy them responsibly.

It has been private donors like you and the small local merchants that have made it possible for us to continue maintaining the lands clean and delightful for everyone’s enjoyment of nature.

Since we do not obtain any governmental subsidies or grants, your donation is essential for us to continue our mission and give way to the countless projects we have conceived and can only bring to life with you generosity.

How much can I donate to Rescate Playas Borinquen?

Pursuant to section 6020.10 of Act 60 of 2019, the donation amount increased to $10,000.00 annually, of which the person or entity with the Act 20 or 22 decree can pay directly to a not-for-profit organization the sum of $5,000.00 and to the Department of Economic Development for its distribution by the legislature the other half ($5,000.00).

Thanks to our heroes

We are deeply grateful to the local families, merchants and commercial establishments that have contributed financially to Rescate, making out projects viable.

Here are some of the businesses and people supporting our work.

Special thanks to

Kathryn Ortiz, Osborne family, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Everett Creighton, Jon and Celeste Keele, Dustin Young, Lucas Cajiao, Rohit Sharma

We wish to list everybody but to all the other supporters not listed here we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!