Who we are

Rescate Playas Borinquen is a grassroots, nonprofit corporation organized under the Laws of Puerto Rico comprised of a diverse group of community stewards that reside in Aguadilla and Isabela, deeply concerned with the preservation of the Punta Borinquen natural and recreational areas where the the former Ramey Air Force base was located.

We enjoy tax-exemption certifications both under IRC 501(c)3 and Section 1101.01(a)(2)(A)(i) of the Puerto Rico Tax Code.

Since 2012, we have been solely responsible for the restoration and transformation of Punta Borinquen—one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic and beautiful recreational areas — that had been transferred to the Government of Puerto Rico and abandoned for decades. Having become a derelict hub for crime, the community empowered itself conditioning it for the recreational use of all its visitors.

We discovered the concept of ‘resilience’ years before Hurricane María hit our coast…

After years of the government’s sheer abandonment of Punta Borinquen, we knew that it was up to the community to rescue Punta Borinquen. Without complaints or hesitation, in 2013 the community rolled up theirs sleeves and went to work.

Each new project served as fuel for the next one.

The local economy has boomed.

We have shown that “una comunidad unida” that works along the environment turns out to be the amazing path to a win/win situation.


Rescate Playas Borinquen began as a community service initiative in 2013 and was officially incorporated as a nonprofit with the State Department on August 26, 2014. The Corporation’s mission is to restore Ramey’s recreational areas and protect its nature (Surfer’s Beach, Borinquen Beach, the Ruins and Wilderness area). Rescate Playas Borinquen believes there is a strong correlation between the health of the local economy and these protected recreational & natural areas.

After years of neglect and months of trying to engage the help of local entities to no avail, Rescate Playas Borinquen’s founder Mario Torres decided to coordinate the work of cleaning up the area with friends. Capitalizing on his upcoming birthday, July 31, 2013, Mr. Torres requested that his friends “gift” him their time instead of presents. On that date, they trimmed the over grown park entrance to Borinquen Beach. The rest is history.


To honor La Madre Tierra through the upkeep of the lands of Punta Borinquen by pursuing restoration and projects that foster its appreciation by everyone that visits it, enhancing its value in the destination economy of the area. It has been our experience that after removing tons of trash throughout the years, building trails and recreational areas, our guests are mindful to care for their surroundings. In the spirit of the main Principle of Outdoor Ethics, Punta Borinquen’s visitors now Leave No Trace behind.

The video below provides a look into our trajectory, It explains how our determination and proven results earned us the respect of those beyond the community.

Our original mission of rescuing and cleaning up Punta Borinquen has transformed as we accomplished our initial goals. Focusing on environmental awareness and protection, geared at the continued growth of outdoor recreation options for the development of the emerging visitor economy, we aim to convert Punta Borinquen as the epicenter of the developing visitor economy in the Western area of the Island.

Some of our projects

Reclamation and Maintenance of Brown Buildings (Abandoned Facilities)

We ensure an enjoyable aesthetic for the area and the health and security of our visitors.

Roads and Paths

Basic access is crucial for the public to enjoy the area, we ensure accessibility and better safety for our visitors.

Beach Cleanup, Trash and Debris Removal

Our community of volunteers do an amazing job at ensuring that when you visit you find a beautiful place to love!

We also work to reduce pollution to the watershed and the area ecology.

Historical preservation and protection

Punta Borinquen has a lot of history from pre-columbian and Spanish history to its role as as an Air Force base during WW2.

Our goal is to raise the funds to rebuild and protect the lighthouse adhering to the most strict standards contained in the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties before it is completely gone.

Trails and Facilities

We build and maintain proper signage, paths, trails and other facilities for our visitors. Providing formal paths and trails allows visitors to enjoy the area, discover and engage more all while reducing the impact of visitors on the ecology of the area.

Beach Cleanup and Trash and Debris Removal

Our community of volunteers do an amazing job at ensuring that when you visit you find a beautiful place to love!

We also work to reduce pollution to the watershed and the area ecology.