Our Story

Rescate Playas Borinquen began as a community service initiative in 2013 and was officially incorporated as a nonprofit with the State Department on August 26, 2014. The corporation’s mission is to restore Ramey’s recreational areas and protect its nature (Surfer’s Beach, Borinquen Beach, The Ruins and Wilderness Area). Rescate Playas Borinquen believes there is a strong correlation between the health of the local economy and these protected recreational & natural areas.

Since 2013, we have been solely responsible for the restoration and transformation of Punta Borinquen, one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic and beautiful recreational areas, which had been transferred to the government of Puerto Rico and abandoned for decades. 

After witnessing the area deteriorate after years of neglect, Rescate Playas Borinquen’s founder Mario Torres decided to coordinate the work of cleaning up the area with friends. Capitalizing on his upcoming birthday, July 31, 2013, Mr. Torres requested that his friends “gift” him their time instead of presents. On that date, they trimmed the overgrown park entrance to Borinquen beach. The rest is history.

On August 9, 2020, Resolution 709 was passed on our behalf… 

RC 709 is a law that mandates that Rescate Playas Borinquen has legal and administrative authority over the area.  After 8+ years of working with the government, the efforts of Rescate Plays Borinquen paid off and this law was unanimously passed in the house of representatives, the senate, and signed by gov. Wanda Vazquez of Puerto Rico! 

We enjoy tax-exemption certifications both under irc 501(c)3 and section 1101.01(a)(2)(a)(i) of the Puerto Rico tax code.


Our Promise

Rescate strives to uphold the highest standards of transparency, earning Guidestar’s seal of transparency. This distinction indicates that a nonprofit has provided verifiable financial/operational information in its nonprofit profile. By providing up-to-date information, nonprofits allow potential donors and funders to make educated decisions about the work they do.

This is particularly important in Puerto Rico, where donors might be at a loss of information and tend to gravitate towards larger entities that might not engage in bottom-up, transformative empowerment that improves living conditions for those that need it the most: the community.

Irs 501(c)(3) certification, good standing certification from the department of state, pr treasury dept certification for section 1101.01 as a non-profit.  Recently in October 2021, all of our records were independently audited by a third party accountant, David Hernandez who can vouch that everything is kosher and up-to-date.


Founder & President: Mario Torres Zamora

Mario Torres

Although incorporated on August 26, 2014, Rescate Playas Borinquen initially began the year before on July 31, 2013 by its founder and president Mario Torres. After nine frustrating months of trying to secure permission for this proposal from the local government and many other local entities to no avail, he was finally able to receive verbal permission from the mayor to start the project.  Capitalizing on his upcoming birthday, he used this day to his advantage and recruited his friends to “gift” him their time in exchange of presents to help clean up and restore the park areas. After several years, and with the help of the local community and nonprofit organization he has been in charge ever since. He is emphatic about the point that this is not about him, but it is about individuals. He believes that individually we have more power to change the world than we believe, and all we need to do is have faith and act. He has been the main person behind all of the events, organizing, logistics, and fundraising ever since the beginning, and has followed through in all aspects of Rescate Playas Borinquen. Most recently, on August 9, 2020,  the corporation was awarded Resolution 709. This law was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives, Senate, and signed by  Governor Wanda Vazquez and authorizes the nonprofit the formal administrative capacities to be incharge. We are honored with that accomplishment and milestone!